Reporting by KRCR

ANDERSON, Calif. — A 200,000 square feet Volumetric Modular Facility will break ground this summer in Anderson. This was announced on Friday by US-Offsite, who sees the Northstate as the perfect place to lead the West Coast industry boom and craftsman revival.

On Friday, US-Offsite announced its plan to build the new facility and seeks to employ around 200 employees once operational.

US-Offsite explains they merge technology, engineering, construction, and manufacturing practices to produce quickly. Efficiency, they say, not achievable through traditional means.

Modular construction. (US Offsite)

The controlled factory environment allows both commercial and residential multifamily buildings, up to 5 stories, to be built and then shipped to West Coast project sites, where the fully furnished ‘modules’ are assembled in Lego fashion. Exteriors are completed onsite. Projects include multifamily, senior living, hotels, commercial, student housing, disaster relief housing from Seattle to San Diego.

US-Offsite says they expect to employ 100 staff when doors open early 2021 and grow the team to over 200 full-time staff one production is ramped up, by the end of 2021.

“We are creating the construction jobs of the future. Merging construction with technology and manufacturing practices in a professional and family-friendly atmosphere make this a company people can be a part of for a long time as they continually learn, grow, and advance their careers,” says COO/co-founder Steve Beaumont.

“The solution to affordable housing across California and beyond is Innovation. Until now people have just been building cheaper, paying workers less, or using tax money via government projects as a solution. Our method is a true innovation on the traditional process that lowers costs while increasing quality and saving lots of time. We are de-risking the building process by bringing the entire supply chain into a secured location and process. This is a game-changer for every stakeholder in the entire building process including the staff and the end-user.” says CEO/co-founder, Dan Ferreira.

US-Offsite compares this progression in construction technology to that of the automobile industry moving from building one car at a time to an assembly line process- costs go way down while quality, production, speed, and efficiency go way up.

For more information on US-Offsite, visit their website by clicking here.