TORR Industries is a bag-in-box leader in the California wine industry. President, Tim Orr discusses the benefits of bag-in-box packaging for wine producers and consumers as well as some of the advancements in wine packaging technology with Grapevine writer, Alyssa L. Ochs.
“Ten years ago, consumers would often find bag-in-box wine to have inconsistent taste and quality. However, this is hardly a concern today, thanks to the high-tech fillers propelling this industry into the future.” 
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TORR specializes in filling Bag-in-Box, Stand Up Pouches & Shelf Stable Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Food Products along with Bulk Aseptic Packaging into Drums & Bins. We provide filling, packaging and dispensing solutions for all of your liquid product packaging needs. Our products are designed and manufactured in our 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Northern CA, USA.


  • Liquid Fillers for Bag in Box and Stand Up Pouches
  • Models range from entry-level to high output
  • Turnkey filling and boxing lines
  • Explosion proof rated C1D2 fillers
  • Bag in Box Dispensing Systems
  • Aseptic Bag Fillers for Bins, Drums & Food service
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Precision Laser Cutting, Stamping, & Spin Forming