TechniSoil Global, Inc. is an industry leading manufacturer of innovative products for today’s modern landscape. Stabilized decomposed granite has been around for decades, yet most stabilizer technologies have not proven to stand the test of time and weather.TechniSoil Global Inc. has developed and patented TechniSoil G5®, a super-polymer that when mixed with DG and crushed stone, its overall durability is equal to or stronger than that of asphalt. TechniSoil G5 soil stabilizer has proven itself on road systems in the energy sector, in military and tank roads, also in stunning natural roads and paths in wineries and park systems.

Sean Weaver founded TechniSoil in 2006 and sought to transform the pavement industry as founder and CEO of TechniSoil Global and TechniSoil Industrial. Based on early success in creating natural pavements for sidewalks and pathways, Weaver set his sights on creating a new category of pavement in pursuit of building a better road – one with incredible performance and sustainability that can deliver value on a global scale. He developed a 100% recycled-road system by combining recycled asphalt with a new binder that could divert large amounts of PET plastics from the waste stream. The result is the Neo 100% Recycled System, which has garnered significant interest globally and has been at the leading edge of the creation of a new, sustainable category of pavement.