AqueoUS Vets is a veteran-owned small business that manufactures water treatment solutions for groundwater and surface water contamination. AqueoUS Vets specializes in producing pressure vessel systems using granular activated carbon or ion exchange treatment technologies which they proudly manufacture here in California. Though the firm operates nationwide they work with many water agencies in California to provide treatment solutions for PFAS and other constituents. AqueoUS Vets is looking forward to forming relationships with the water systems in CalMutuals and assisting more local water systems in navigating these complex issues.

Aqueous Vets® (AV®) recently announced their PFAS mitigation partnership with Orange County Water District (OCWD) in Southern California. When complete, AV will have manufactured and delivered PFAS treatment systems with a total capacity 72 MGD. Their systems will be operated at multiple sites throughout the County. AV’s advanced PF12-520 LP (patent pending) pressure filter design features: improved hydraulic performance and flow distribution, reduced head loss, and optimized media usage while offering an overall height profile of less than 15 feet. AV’s innovative design provides the best combination of reliable operation, lowest operating cost, and an environmentally sensitive profile.

Stay tuned for major upcoming announcements – Cities of Lodi and Reedley, CA.; Cities of Tucson, Avondale, and Marana, AZ.; Eastern MWD Western Heights, CA, as well as a Leading So. Cal Aerospace Defense Contractor and a major Agricultural grower of Central CA.