With a mindset of minimalist and efficiency, AKEENi strives to create solutions to better your everyday life with products you didn’t know you needed. Every wallet is handmade here in the USA, crafted out of recycled aluminum.


After years of searching for a suitable wallet to no avail, they began developing the STOW wallet in October 2017. Then ensued a 10-month effort of designing, engineering, prototyping, and refining an ideal minimalist wallet. The result was the STOW, a wallet worth creating. Just prior launch, their entire manufacturing facility, as well as their home, prototypes, machines, and tools were burned in the July 2018 Northern California Carr Wildfire. The disaster was devastating, but it wasn’t enough to destroy the vision. In the the aftermath of the fire, work on the wallet continued. Failure just wasn’t an option.15 months of hard work, revisions, and dedication later, the STOW was ready to be introduced to the world. This project was a big step toward helping AKEENi rise from the ashes.