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Location: Redding, CA
Phone Number: 530-244-3567
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Website: cosco.net

Christensen Orthopedic was founded by H.M. Christensen. In 1952, Mr. Christensen started in the business of providing top quality orthopedic supplies. Throughout his career, Christensen worked with many doctors to develop several orthopedic devices still manufactured today. In 1964, his daughter Gail followed in her father’s footsteps and joined him in the business. In 1989, she became the owner of Christensen Orthopedic. In 1999 the company was relocated to Redding, CA, and the name was changed to COSCO. Her husband James Bumsted has operated the business since their move to Redding and will continue to operate COSCO after the passing of his wife Gail in May of 2013.We will all miss her dearly.